In brief

It is crucial for businesses operating in the Province of Quebec to gain a solid understanding of the province’s new strengthened French language requirements introduced by Bill 96, as well as recently proposed draft regulations.

The introduction of the draft regulations is particularly important for brand owners and manufacturers selling into the province for a number of reasons, including with respect to the treatment of marketing copy and trademarks inscribed on products and product packaging. These new requirements are complex and failure to comply in a sufficient manner may lead to significant fines and enforcement actions.

This video is tailored to IP, advertising, and marketing professionals, as well as business professionals seeking to expand their business and workforce in Quebec.

In Part 1 of this two-part In Focus video series on Bill 96, our Canadian International Commercial and Intellectual Property & Technology lawyers, moderated by an Employment & Compensation partner, discuss the specifics of these new requirements, including how copy must appear on products and product packaging, and what the rules mean for businesses’ trademark portfolios. Watch this episode and learn what you need to know before the 1 June 2025 deadline.

In the upcoming Part 2 of our two-part In Focus video series on Quebec’s Bill 96, we’ll delve into employment and commercial contracts. Stay tuned for more!

Speakers: Jeremy HannSarah Mavula, and Stephanie Vaccari.

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