Christina Doria started at Baker McKenzie as summer student in 2009. She went on to article at the firm, attracted by Baker McKenzie’s global reach and world-class international arbitration practice. Since being called to the Ontario bar in 2011 and completing a secondment in Baker McKenzie’s New York office, Christina has practiced in the Toronto office. She works with corporations and states on complex commercial litigation and arbitration matters in various industries, including energy, mining and infrastructure. This week, she was recognized by Who’s Who Legal Arbitration 2020 as a Future Leader. Determined by recommendations of clients and private practitioners, Who’s Who Legal highlights outstanding members of the next generation: the future leaders of the legal profession. 

“This recognition is a huge honour.” Christina shared. “First – because I’m recognized alongside other Baker McKenzie lawyers, people who I have worked with and who I respect deeply. Second, in Canada, only a handful of lawyers received this recognition. Third – this recognition doesn’t just come from peer review, but from client input as well. Having the confidence of my clients is critical. Working with clients to navigate complex legal disputes, many of which take years to resolve, is gratifying.  I am grateful to those clients who gave their vote of support for this recognition.” 

Who’s Who Legal did not initially acknowledge younger lawyers (considered 45 years and under). Consistent feedback revealed a strong appetite in the profession for recognizing the quality of the work done at this level and so the Future Leader category was born. 

“Recognition of quality work is always important in a team whether it’s done by senior, junior, mid-level lawyers or staff.” Christina said. “The reality in this profession is that we have lawyers who are extremely engaged, working evenings, holidays and more. Having recognition like Who’s Who Legal motivates lawyers and pushes them to strive for excellence. Keeping this drive alive contributes to the evolution of law and client service excellence.”

Younger lawyers encounter both challenges and opportunities in their career. “The challenges for me are quite personal” shared Christina. “Balancing pregnancies, maternity leaves, my love for my family, and the needs of my two children, with the passion I have for my career and the needs of my clients, is ongoing. As with most challenges in life, you can learn from them and improve. Being a parent has allowed me to be more nimble and responsive in my career. It has also made me  a better leader. Among other things, parenting has increased my ability  to stay calm and confident under pressure.”

In a global firm like Baker McKenzie, opportunities are plenty. “I am lucky to have very skilled lawyers as mentors to help me learn and develop my skills. We have cutting-edge legal technology and connections to many groups and organizations that provide education and networking opportunities, while also working to advance the legal profession. Baker McKenzie (  ns gives young lawyers a voice, a way to network, and a path to affect the future of the law.”

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